1. Being Homesick: For most people this is the first time they've ever been away from home for longer than a few weeks. You don't have mom or dad to give you a hug if you're having a bad day anymore. You don't have your little brother to argue with. You don't have Sarah, that friend you've had since 1st grade, to gossip with. Just admit it. Talk to your new friends. They're homesick too. Call home when you need it and talk it out. It gets better...trust me.
  2. Staying in Touch: You made great friends in high school and you want to stay friends once you're apart. Like any long distance relationship, it's hard to stay in touch. Facebook each other occasionally and keep each other in the loop. During breaks plan reunions. It's possible to keep these friendships going, but its on you.
  3. Making New Friends: Whether you're shy or not, its hard to start fresh and make new friends. However, there are hundreds of kids at your school just like you. Reach out and talk to someone. They are just as desperate to make connections as you are. Start with your roommate, move through your dorm at the beginning. These will probably be some of your closest freshman year friends so open your door and say hello!
  4. Lack of Privacy: You're used to having your own room, shutting the door and doing your own thing. Suddenly you have a roommate and you're sharing everything. Maybe he's in the room all the time and you have no alone time. If this is the case then find somewhere on campus where you can relax on your own and meditate such as in the library or on the quad.
  5. Being Lost: It's going to be overwhelming and lonely at first, no matter what and it'll be hard to make sense of what you're really doing there. Remember why you were excited to go to college. Stay focused on your goals. Focus on your classes or your athletics, whatever it is that gets you grounded again. It'll calm down and make more sense as you get orientated.